Universal Monitoring is a premier video monitoring center, providing virtual guarding, video verification, intrusion, fire, and emergency system services. We have been in business since 2006 and are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Virtual Guard Services is the remote performance of traditional guard duties while leveraging sophisticated video solutions. Event based video is triggered real-time by advanced edge analytics and sent to the monitoring center for processing according to predefined rules set with the customer, where our Remote Guard Specialists provide a Threat Level Assessment
using event and live video from the site.

Customized Solutions Approach

As a UL Listed central station, we service locations nationwide using a variety of integrated solutions and strategic partnerships. Universal Monitoring works closely with law enforcement agencies to reduce False dispatches and unnecessary responses. Our commitment to responsible monitoring and accountability for available resources, significantly reduces response times through mutual respect. Universal Monitoring is committed to innovation and unparalleled customer service. This passion for excellence equates to a successful partnership for all stakeholders involved.

Combining traditional alarm with video verification, delivers a faster law enforcement response as these events are treated as crimes-in-progress which receives a higher priority from the police central dispatch.


  • Reporting
  • Portal Access
  • Remote Viewing
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Virtual Escort


Universal Monitoring will serve as a virtual guard to your employees as they open or close a location or as a chaperone for employees moving to and from high security areas. Video Escorts can also be used for outdoor security to remotely accompany employees to their cars.


Periodic remote inspection of all cameras’ functionality, focus and positioning is performed verifying your system is working at its best efficiency.

System Health Monitoring
Virtual Doorman


Through the integration of access control and surveillance systems, businesses can operate virtually and still maintain security. Video technology alerts can be established to directly control access for authorized parties and afterhours deliveries. 2-way audio options can be utilized for verification.


Remote tours are conducted on a scheduled or random basis. The random nature of these tours helps deter criminal activity and internal theft.

Guard Tours
Virtual Guarding


Video verification of camera-driven events that are processed by our virtual guard specialists. Escalation is based on pre-approved rules defined with the customer.


When a video analytics based alarm is received it includes pre-and post-event video that enables fast and accurate threat level analysis of the event.
Events are categorized into three levels:
Level 1 – No Human activity
Level 2 – Human activity but non-suspicious
Level 3 – Crime in progress

Threat Level Assessment
Audio Talk Down


Universal Monitoring utilizes high gain speakers to perform real-time live audio challenges of suspicious behavior onsite, which minimizes loss.


Universal Monitoring provides reliable, dependable alarm monitoring and reporting services. From the simplest residential installation to the most complex multi-site industrial integration, we ensure optimum performance as your central station partner. Our highly-trained operators and finely tuned processes ensure best in class monitoring services for your customer.

We are focused on delivering your message, not ours. Universal Monitoring performs all services as an extension of your team. Many aspects of our operation can be customized to meet your unique security needs. We strive to provide the most advanced technologies, the strictest standards, and full redundancy all for a consistent subscriber experience and your success.

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Mr. Smith recently completed service as Interim-CEO of Action Target, a leading global designer and manufacturer of shooting ranges and training facilities for law enforcement, military and commercial markets. From 2000-2011, Chip was Chief Security Officer (worldwide) for the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), a global leader in the financial markets. Chip retired from the United States Secret Service after 24 years of service. He held a variety of supervisory investigative and executive protection positions in field offices and headquarters of the USSS, culminating with his appointment as Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office, the Service’s largest and busiest office. Chip is a co-founder of Fedora Security and serves as a Director of Action Target. He was a Founding Director of Argyle Security and also serves on various not-for-profit boards and advisory boards. Chip holds bachelors and masters degrees in Criminal Justice from West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


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Ms. Smith is an experienced industry operations leader with proven track record of developing teams that provide an excellent customer experience. Cindy brings a demonstrated track record providing innovative solutions for improving operations, meeting key performance indicators and insuring customer satisfaction. Cindy is a seasoned security professional, experienced with monitoring operations, professional services, technical support and interactive video solutions. Prior to joining the Fedora/Universal Monitoring team, Cindy was part of the management team at Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CKP) and held leadership positions at Westec Interactive Security and RSI Video Technologies.


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Steve has been with Universal Monitoring since 2010, most recently working as the 1st shift supervisor before taking on the role supervising the team that supports our dealers and customers.


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