Professional Audio/Visual Solutions for Today’s Digital World


Audio/visual solutions that provide cohesive communication, data transfer, and seamless integration across multiple platforms are key drivers for success in today’s digital world. With new and evolving technologies, having a secure and connected audio/visual system allows for easy access to information and interaction for a professional multimedia experience.

Our solutions facilitate your productivity and can integrate with multiple systems to provide total system management. Whether you need smart video systems for the boardroom or classroom, state-of-the-art home theater design, or integration with a building automation system, our team has the expertise and knowledge to tailor audio/visual solutions to meet your needs.

Solutions and Benefits

Commercial & classroom

Commercial & classroom solutions for unified work collaboration and professional experiences

  • Advanced digital signage
  • Conference room multimedia systems
  • Classroom projection and smart boards

Residential solutions for today’s smart home and connected lifestyles

  • State-of-the-art sound systems
  • Home theater and media centers
Residential solutions
Easily integrate

Easily integrate with security, life safety, and home or building automation solutions

  • Video surveillance
  • Public address systems
  • IoT interconnectivity

Case Studies​


Public School Case Study

When the largest metropolitan public school system in western Pennsylvania needed to overhaul multiple facilities throughout the region, they relied on Fedora Intertech for security

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End-to-End Partner Support

Fedora Intertech is your trusted partner for security and systems integration. You can rely on our team to comprehensively address your needs with bespoke solutions and total end-to-end support.


Tailored system design using best-of-breed technology


Seamless integration of different systems for a unified solution


Delivery using industry best practices in compliance with code requirements


Comprehensive protection and support programs tailored to your needs


Specialists providing 24x7 support to ensure you're protected

Lifecycle Support Programs

Comprehensive protection and support programs covering you from every angle

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