We Secure Your Peace of Mind, Protecting and connecting The People And Places You Value, Today & Tomorrow
We Secure Your Peace of Mind, Protecting and connecting The People And Places You Value, Today & Tomorrow
We Secure Your Peace of Mind, Protecting and connecting The People And Places You Value, Today & Tomorrow
We Secure Your Peace of Mind, Protecting and connecting The People And Places You Value, Today & Tomorrow
We Secure Your Peace of Mind, Protecting and connecting The People And Places You Value, Today & Tomorrow



There’s no place like home. That’s why you want to keep your family safe, comfortable, and entertained. With an integrated system from Fedora Intertech, you can protect your family and property from fire and intruders, maintain comfort while saving energy, connect all your devices on an optimal network, and relax in a home theater.


Fedora Intertech’s Modular Integrated Protection & Surveillance Solutions (MIPSS) technology provides peace of mind for Insurance Companies and General Contractors by detecting and alerting for Intrusion, Vandalism, Theft, Fire and Flood at construction sites.


Fedora Intertech enhances facility management and protection of energy, utility and industrial assets, by integrating data from mobile and stationary sensors with advanced analytics and anomaly behavior recognition capabilities, delivering intuitive status visuals, alerts and recommendations.


Fedora Intertech offers unique solutions that combine personal emergency systems, surveillance and access control to address increasing threats from active shooters, escalations in violence developing from campus protests, and other crimes against persons.


Providing integrated systems for government agencies and facilities requires increasingly complex capabilities. You need to create a secure environment for employees and visitors to defend against intruders and danger. Making it even more challenging is the need to adhere to government standards. From video surveillance with remote monitoring and recording — to sophisticated access control with visitor management — to autonomous robotic guarding — to mass notification and emergency evacuation, we provide leading-edge solutions for modern government facilities.


Today's healthcare environment requires you to protect patients, staff, and visitors, to secure facilities and to transmit information quickly — all while providing excellent patient care, ensuring compliance, and operating efficiently. From video surveillance in parking lots to patient wandering notification, to access control in pharmacies, and patient records, we assure that you have a unified, integrated system with central command and control, multi-site access control, and specialized healthcare systems including nurse call, patient wandering, infant security, asset tracking, and more.


The Fedora Intertech small business detection system offers a modular solution which provides various types of monitoring designed to assist in detecting and alerting for intrusion, vandalism, and theft. Deploying intelligent video analytics to detect unauthorized activity, triggering a virtual guard threat level assessment and intervention.


Fedora Intertech takes a multi-layered security approach to generate a unified awareness picture that provides authorities with dynamic alerts and recommendations, thereby enhancing effective management and protection of transportation hubs (Airports, Railway Stations and Sea Ports), while improving the passenger experience.


Fedora Intertech enhances protection and facility security and safety management of Oil & Gas assets, by integrating data from mobile and stationary sensors with advanced analytics and anomaly behavior recognition capabilities, delivering intuitive status visuals, alerts and recommendations to an Interactive Monitoring Center


Global security experts specializing in developing and implementing tailor-made solutions addressing specific customer needs

Critical Asset Protection

Critical Asset Protection

Critical Asset Protection



  • Access Control & Badging
  • Bollards, Gates & Turnstiles
  • Emergency Notification
  • Locks & Door Hardware
  • Monitoring & Managed Services
  • Nurse Call & Patient Tracking
  • Public Address & Intercom
  • Robotic Guarding


  • AI based video analytics
  • Audio Talks Down capabilities
  • No false alarms
  • Day/night wireless visual sensors
  • Automated real time alert notification
  • Intruder location tracking
  • Video recording
  • Alerts history


  • Emergency Notification
  • Infant Protection
  • Intercom & Overhead Paging
  • Nurse Call & Patient Tracking
  • Positioning & Tracking Systems
  • Public Address
  • Telephone Systems


  • Air Sampling Detection
  • Control Panels
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Notification
  • Fire Detection & Alarm
  • Suppression Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems


  • Digital Signage
  • Classroom Projection
  • Smart White Boards
  • Sound Masking
  • Sound Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Walls
  • Home Theater & Media Centers


  • Situation awareness management
  • Monitoring of remote sensors and detectors
  • Video analytics and verification
  • Customized protocol analysis and reports
  • Remote managed services
  • Virtual guard service
  • Highly skilled operators
  • Visit Universal Monitoring


  • Personal Safety – Send immediate Distress Signal When in Danger
  • Emergency Response – Locate Anyone, Anywhere
  • Incident Management – Automatically or Manually Dispatch the Optimal Personnel or First Responders
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Mobile response Apps


FedSecBoard – A web based management platform that enables real-time access to the components of the entire installed base for the purpose of Health Monitoring and remote Configuration. Visit www.fedsecboard.com



Fedora Intertech is a leading Security and Systems provider implementing Best of Breed technology, Innovating valuable solutions, and serving as a Trusted Partner to our customers

  • Complex electronic systems and security technologies are changing and converging. Organizations that don’t implement the right systems at the right time risk falling behind or being exposed to evolving threats.
  • Fedora Intertech formed in 2020 to combine Fedora Security’s innovative security technologies and Intertech Ci’s expertise in systems integration to deliver comprehensive solutions that connect, protect, and communicate.
  • As your trusted partner, Fedora Intertech addresses your unique needs with proven best of breed systems and our own advanced technologies.
  • The Fedora Intertech team leverages deep industry experience with a track record of building successful companies to redefine the security and systems landscape.





Mr. Chaimovski has extensive experience as an executive CEO/Chairman and has a track record of raising capital both in Israel and the U.S. Ron currently serves as the CEO of Fedora Security (formerly The Argyle Global Group). From 2013-2015, he was Chairman of Israel Government Tourist Corporation. From 2010-2013, he was Chairman of Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL), a government-owned company, which was founded to establish and operate a network of natural gas pipelines throughout Israel.

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Ron Petnuch

CO-CEO and Board Member

Mr. Petnuch is the strategic leader of Intertech Ci, where he is responsible for developing key business objectives and achieving corporate goals. He has been the CEO since 2005, overseeing the growth of the company in to new markets and regions in western Pennsylvania, Texas, southwest Florida, and Ohio. Prior to Intertech, Ron held senior positions in sales and marketing at one of the nation’s largest mutual fund companies. He is also an attorney who has served on a number of non-profit boards in the western Pennsylvania region. Ron holds a BA from John Carroll University and a JD from Duquesne University.


CO-CEO and Board Member

Mr. Khoushy is a product and operations executive with a proven track record in organizing, directing and controlling various activities of technical, operations and support functions. Ben brings a wealth of global experience in R&D, product development, operations, sales, professional services, systems and processes from diverse vertical markets, including Telecommunications, Internet Security and Broadcasting. 

Prior to joining Fedora Security, Ben served in the management of Check Point Software Technologies (Nasdaq: CHKP) the worldwide leader in Internet Security, and as VP of Endpoint Security. Before that, he held various positions at Comverse (Nasdaq: CNSI), the world’s leading value-added services supplier to service providers, as well as serving as VP and GM of the Next Generation Voice Mail Division. Ben holds a B.Sc. in Physics and an MBA from Boston University.


Board Member

Fedora Security Holding Executive Chairman

Mr. Smith recently completed service as Interim-CEO of Action Target, a leading global designer and manufacturer of shooting ranges and training facilities for law enforcement, military and commercial markets. From 2000-2011, Chip was Chief Security Officer (worldwide) for the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), a global leader in the financial markets. Chip retired from the United States Secret Service after 24 years of service. 

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