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Construction Security

Today’s construction market demands comprehensive security solutions that safeguard jobsites from risks and threats while allowing flexibility as projects progress. Whether your construction project is a new build or remodel, multi-site development or single location, dependable security solutions from our team will have your project covered from any angle.

We provide tailored security solutions that fit any construction project. Virtual perimeter protection, fire and water flow detection, and system health monitoring are all backed by our 24/7 central station. Once construction is complete, building owners can also rely on us for continued security and systems integration support.

Solutions and Benefits

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Advanced, flexible, and scalable security solutions

  • AI-enabled video analytics provide virtual perimeter protection
  • Portable surveillance units can be moved around sites as projects progress
  • Fire and water detection units integrate into overall site security management

Reduced risk benefits for developers, contractors, and insurance providers

  • Proven to reduce builders risk premiums

Virtual guarding on your schedule

  • Interactive video surveillance services follow your schedule and are available for weeks, months or years at a time

Comprehensive Market Coverage - Prebuild & Beyond


Case Studies

When a multifamily community development needed construction site security, they contacted Fedora Intertech. Six portable surveillance units that provide advanced virtual perimeter security were installed on site. With each unit encompassing advanced video analytics for real-time event based monitoring, Fedora Intertech was able to protect the site for over a year and a half until construction was complete. 

A leading energy supplier needed to protect its new 100-acre solar field with 24/7 site security. Fedora Intertech designed a virtual guard solution that encompassed two portable surveillance units equipped with leading edge thermal radar coverage, providing intelligent video surveillance. 


Watch our Portable Surveillance Units provide real time protection!


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End-to-End Partner Support

Fedora Intertech is your trusted partner for security and systems integration. You can rely on our team to comprehensively address your needs with bespoke solutions and total end-to-end support.


Tailored system design using best-of-breed technology


Seamless integration of different systems for a unified solution


Delivery using industry best practices in compliance with code requirements


Comprehensive protection and support programs tailored to your needs


Specialists providing 24x7 support to ensure you're protected

Lifecycle Support Programs

Comprehensive protection and support programs covering you from every angle